Virtual Hub

Script for inviting to QVC (product preview) type Facebook party
Hey _______!  During this interesting time in our world, I am providing some fun and relaxation from the comfort of your own home by hosting a fun interactive beauty experience virtually! It is on __________ at 8pm. Would you be interested in participating?!  Let me know, there will be fun, prizes, education and fun girlfriend time!
(Post or send a picture of the event flier with emojis)

Team Facebook party coaching script
I am soooo excited about your party tonight! Here are some tips and tricks to help it go more smoothly! I will also send you a pic of the specials we will offer tonight! It’s gonna be great!
(This will be the closing sets sheet)

Day of the party
Step 1:
1 hour before the party starts send:
Hey girl I'm sooo excited for our Mary Kay FB party tonight!! T minus 1 hour!!! Did you find the group and join ok?

Step 2:
Text a reminder 15 mins before!!
You are not bugging her....reminders are helpful to ALL of us!!

Step 3:
Be on the party. It's fabulous training for you AND you'll want to be tracking your guest's comments and tic tac toe wish lists

I will be asking for referrals for you during the party- I will ask them to
text Consultant referrals.  They will get a drawing entry for every 5 names they send you.  A bonus of 10 points for 20+ names.

Step 4:
Set up a 3-way message in Facebook messenger or a 3-way text when the party closes out with EACH customer that watches the LIVE

Hey (name)! Thank you so much for joining me tonight for my FB party! I have put you in a group chat with my Director, Kimberly as well! I would love for you to earn some extra points tonight for the giveaways! Here are a few ways:
1. When Kimberly shared about the Mary Kay Opportunity, were you an A, B, or C (Extra 10 points for your response)
2. Text us your tic tac toe sheet (extra 10 points)
3. Text me your referrals (1 drawing entry for every 5 names.  10 extra entries for 20+ names)

Booking script for virtual shake up your make up
Hey ______! How are you?! I am SUPER EXCITED
ABOUT SOMETHING😂! I am launching
a brand new 20-minute session NATIONWIDE!!! Can I
dig in your makeup bag?! ♀ (I know it is a big
favor😂) Essentially we’re doing a type of marketing
research survey about brands & products women
use & why! I thought you would be the perfect
person to help! It’s 100% virtual!!! So fun!!! Are you up
for it?! You get fun discounts at your session too!
FB post for your groups or private messaging
When was the last time you REALLY got into your
makeup bag to see what you have & why?! I'm looking for 30 makeup bags to dig into for a type
of market research survey we’re doing!!
No facial just 20 minutes of learning more about what you use & why!  It can be you… a friend… anyone!!!
Cannot wait to learn more and have 20 minutes with 30 women!
The best part is you can live anywhere- because the event is
virtual! Yay!!!!

Private Message all your Facebook Friends 
Hi Jessica! Loved seeing your posts on Facebook about the ____. (You can “like” and comment on
a few posts first.). Random question...In light of what's going on currently, we are now offering  
virtual pampering with our innovative skincare line and I was wondering if you’d like to try it out from the comfort of your home? I can send you all the details if you’re interested. 

Text or email any friends and ask:
Random question...I’m looking for test panel participants to give
feedback on our new virtual beauty sessions and wondered if you’d like to try it out from the comfort of your home? I can send you all the details if you’re interested.